Slot Overview: Fat Drac

Fat Drac is the third installment in Push Gaming’s ‘Fat’ slot series, which has been criticized for being disrespectful to those who struggle with obesity. One of the earliest Push Gaming slots to feature a bonus purchase, Fat Santa failed to leave a lasting impact despite being followed by the lovable classic Fat Rabbit. In the third and last ‘Fat’ position, Fat Drac serves blood instead of carrots or cherries. Free spins when Nosferatu grows in size are triggered as he pursues goblets of blood across the screen. Drac is joined by pick ‘n clicks, a fat bat feature, and fast bubble prizes, but one major modification may spoil the pot for some players.

It’s been about 3.5 years since Fat Rabbit came out, and a lot has changed in that time. A higher number of pixels were employed to get a higher quality, more detailed image. The game takes place in the mountains, perhaps in Transylvania, where the Drac family’s towered mansion hovers dangerously on a rocky outcrop, threatening to tip-off at any minute, while skeletal trees and skulls provide the foreground. Everything in Fat Drac is meant to be humorous in some way, from the cartoonish symbols and cute bats to the wonderful music that sounds like something the vampire from Sesame Street could sing a song about numbers to.

Despite his outward kindness, Fat Drac is only interested in playing the Push game. Dig a little deeper and you’ll uncover a math model that’s even less amiable than Fat Rabbit or Fat Santa. The game has caught up, so this is no brief nip in the neck, welcome to immortality. The potential has been pushed well beyond anything either preceding position could ever think of. The return to player (RTP) of 96.57% is also rather satisfactory.

Again, there are 5 reels and 5 rows to the game, but this time there are 40 preset ways to hit winning combos. The standard symbols are the four suits of playing cards (spades, diamonds, hearts, and clubs), while the bonus symbols are a set of fake teeth, some parchment, some skeletons, and a man who seems like he may have lived in the Elizabethan age. When five premiums are landed, the payoff ranges from five times to twenty-five times the initial wager. Interestingly, Fat Drac is not a wild symbol, but there is a golden wild symbol that may appear anywhere and replace other symbols to form winning combinations. The wild symbol may also form winning combos on its own, awarding up to 250 times the wager for five of a kind.

Slot Feature: Fat Drac

As a result, we revealed the shocking fact that the enlarging Drac symbol isn’t wild but rather a symbol of revelation. In addition, there are free spins, a Fat Bat bonus, a Coffin Symbol pick-and-click, Instant Bubble Prizes, and a Symbol for a Coffin.

Rough Drac Symbol

If the Fat Drac lands anywhere on the board, it reveals crucial information. When a Fat Drac lands, he changes into a Bat symbol or any paying symbol.

Bubbles with a Bat Symbol

There is a row of 7 bubbles indicating Instant Prizes next to the reels. As soon as the Fat Drac displays bats, they head straight for the bubble line and begin popping them. The Instant Prize within is unlocked and given out as a percentage of the wager. The value of an Instant Win Prize might be anything from one to fifty times the initial wager.

Poor Bat

On any regular spin, the Fat Bat bonus may appear. The player is awarded all of the bubble rewards when the Fat Bat feature is engaged.

Sign of the Coffin

When a coffin appears anywhere on the reels, the Pick feature is activated, and the player is presented with four tiles. Only when a Fat Drac appears on reel 1 may the base game’s tiles disclose between 1 and 5 bats or a goblet.

Free-to-Play Video Games

If a Goblet and a Fat Drac both appear on the reels at the same moment, you’ll get 5 free games. During free games, the Fat Drac sign sticks around and moves to gather any new Goblet symbols that appear. During the bonus round, tiles can provide an extra 1-5 free games, a Goblet icon, or a maximum of 5 bats. The Drac Symbol begins as a 1×1 image and grows in size at regular intervals as it amasses Goblets, as shown above.

He becomes 2×2 and gains +4 more spins if the player collects 5 goblets.

Five more libations make him a whopping 3×3 and net him extra three free games.

Three more libations make him a whopping 4×4 and get you an extra two spins at no cost.

Two more libations make him a whopping 5×5 and net an extra two spins for free.

Judgment of the Fat Drac

You may probably guess what kind of conundrum Push Gaming faced while developing Fat Drac. Do they risk being seen as soft or, worse, unimaginative if they deviate too much from the formula established in earlier games? Or do they follow suit with the current trend and make a position that is both more difficult and maybe more rewarding? If you go with option two, you’ll end up with a tough game that may turn off players who were into the original one for its cutesy appeal. Push has made a difficult decision and is moving forward regardless of the risks.

Players hoping for more of Fat Drac’s lovable bunnies could get their paws scorched instead. Like those people who try out for talent shows but don’t actually have any because their loved ones never bothered to tell them. As a result, the judges slash them back to reality when they eventually botch the song they’ve picked. It must be devastating to encounter actual criticism for the first time on national television in front of millions of people.

The Fat Drac tile is a revealing symbol rather than a wild (essentially a mystery symbol), which may be disappointing to certain players, as well as the mathematical changes. This modification, together with the previously mentioned reduction of paylines, has tightened up the experience in some respects, potentially making it more difficult to progress. It must be mentioned that when a good roll is underway, the expanding symbols feature is still a lot of fun. In addition, the inclusion of Pick, bats, and Bubbles expands the game’s depth and increases the number of possible outcomes. In terms of potential, the maximum win on Fat Drac has been restricted at 50,000x the stake, which is significantly more than the maximum win on any of the previous two games. The odds of winning the top prize on any specific wager are stated as 1 in 76,613,180.

Push Gaming has taken the ‘Fat’ series into uncharted territory, where things are bound to get a lot more interesting. There is still a growing symbol during free spins, but otherwise this is a whole new species. Being so drastically different, some gamers will likely welcome the new twists, while others may flee to the shadows in fear.






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