Lex Veldhuis Poker Player Profile

At the point when he was more youthful he was keen on PC games and is known to have played Starcraft a great deal – a tactical sci-fi game situated in the 26th century where four species battle for cosmic strength.

It figures that with his advantage in PCs he has now joined his abilities to turn into a notable youtube and jerk decoration.

You will find the features and additional items on his Youtube channel. what’s more, watch him play live (with somewhat of a deferral obviously) on jerk. He plays poker just on pokerstars, already utilizing the label RaSzi (his twitter tag) however presently can be effectively spotted on the tables as L Veldhuis.

His most recent video on jerk is a 13hr stream! The jerk recordings are confined for endorsers just, you should tidy the flies out of your wallet and pay the $4.99 month membership expense to watch his jerk.

In this screen capture you can see him sat right close to tonkaaaa, another extraordinary web-based decoration and youtuber who I will profile.

Thinking back through his youtube channel, he began distributing poker content just 10 months prior (right now July 2017) and has 15k subs. The actual channel however returns 8 years where you can see his advantage in PC games with him distributing Guitar Legend recordings.

A fascinating video on his youtube is him kickboxing with Elky, finishing up with him kicking Elky in the head (not altogether staggeringly) at around 10:30 to dominate the game. It was a seriously hard hitting and serious duel and not the “famous people having somewhat of a good times” that you would be excused to have assumed.

It’s an extraordinary asset to have the option to utilize his channels to pay attention to how he accomplishes such great outcomes. The web-based poker game is an exceptionally intense climate and having the option to see how the stars do it is an incredible device for any yearning player.






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